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The Who

Hey Hey! I'm Natalie, a young black wife and mother of 3. Being a mother has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life. Over the past 5 years, I have learned so much about myself through marriage life, raising children, trying to settle into a career, and everything in between. I am passionate about education, holistic living, writing, & family life. As a family, we enjoy creating memories with the simple things in life. We enjoy praising God together through old hymns, reading books, traveling, and working in our backyard garden.

Aside from owning & operating Melanated Motherhood, I am a full time blogger. I share my journey through motherhood, and life in general, to encourage other young mothers, especially those that look like me. 

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The Why

Melanin is a type of pigment found in skin, hair & eyes that gives it color. Naturally, those with more melanin having darker skin tones. To be melanated is to be black.

"Melanated Motherhood is a lifestyle." 


I chose the name Melanated Motherhood to reflect who I am, a black mother, and whom I want to support, black mothers. In a time where racism, biases, stereotypes, and prejudices are still very present, I desire to break & defy those barriers.

It is my mission to support, encourage, and motivate other black mothers to feel confident in their natural-born skin. Black motherhood is a unique and beautiful experience that we should be celebrating.  

I created clothing, apparel, and other merchandise to uplift and honor 

melanated mothers.

Each month, we are committed to donating a portion of our profits to various organizations that specifically cater to black women.

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