100% Black Mom Owned

The Who

Hey Ya'll! I'm Natalie, the black mother behind Melanated Motherhood. I'm a wife & mother of 3 kids. I've earned a degree in Early Childhood & Special Education and have been passionate about working with families for over 10 years. I've worked in a variety of settings, all related to children & families. It is a passion of mine to serve others & help foster postive family relationships. That is the driving force that pushes me to bring my vision for Melanated Motherhood to life.

The Why

Melanin is a type of pigment found in skin, hair & eyes that gives it color. Naturally, those with more melanin having darker skin tones. To be melanated is to be black.

"Melanated Motherhood is a lifestyle." 


I chose the name Melanated Motherhood to reflect who I am, a black mother, and whom I want to support, black mothers. In a time where racism, biases, stereotypes, and prejudices are still very present, I desire to break & defy those barriers.

It is my mission to support, encourage, and motivate other black mothers to feel confident in their natural-born skin. Black motherhood is a unique and beautiful experience that we should be celebrating.  

I created this brand to do just that...celebrate, uplift, and honor melanated mothers.

Monthly Organizations

Each month we are dedicated to making a donation to an organization that caters to the specifc needs of black women. These organizations are selected at random & will change from month to month. Our donations vary based on our monthly profits. We update the list at the end of each month.

December 2020- The Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition

January 2021- Sister Love, Inc.

February 2021- Black Women for Wellness