What Does Melanated Motherhood Mean?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Melanin is the pigment that creates darker skin, eyes, and hair. While it can be developed through tanning for some, it naturally occurs in black people. The more melanin, the darker the skin. For decades, the very skin which we were born in, dipped in melanin, has been underrepresented in our society. From beauty campaigns to children's books, there has been a great shift toward being more inclusive and appreciating the melanin glow.

"Melanated" means to be black. Period. The term has recently become become It's no secret that among black people, there are a range of skin tones & types. My light-skinned sis is melanated. My dark skin sis is melanated. A melanated person is one that contains natural melanin in their skin...we not talking spray on tan. There's been a lot of talk about European celebrities making their skin darker to look like black women. Whether that's their intentions or not, here the thing...SIS! You can't buy this at your local drugstore! That is the beauty in it for me. It's like God created the black woman and said, "let me add a lil somethin somethin on the end.." Melanated Motherhood is here to celebrate that.

Motherhood is a journey that doesn't include a specific instruction manual. The challenges that mothers face on a day to day basis are not always pleasant. In fact, I have found that since becoming a mother, I have made the hardest decisions, been the most vulnerable, and worried more than ever. There are things that we mothers deal with that are unavoidable. It's much like a package deal. Here's your new baby, oh & by the way, we threw in some anxiety for you to keep.

Melanated Motherhood is a lifestyle.

Along with those everyday challenges, black mothers carry the weight of being a black woman in a society that continuously, and sometimes purposefully misrepresents who we are. From worrying about our targeted black sons/partners, making sure our daughters grow to love and appreciate the kinky coils that grow from their heads, and trying to navigate "generational curses" that have reigned over black women for years...issa struggle! Melanated Motherhood is a lifestyle. It can't be precisely described, it's just different.

So, to my beautiful, melanated women, this village is for us. I created Melanated Motherhood to celebrate who we are, change the narrative on how we mother, and inspire black mothers to rise up to their full potential. Now, more than ever, we need to lift each other up. This table is big enough for all of us to sit at. Black mothers raising babies, women who wish to someday be mothers, and even our sistahs who just want to feel empowered...pull up a chair.

If you're reading this and you're not a black mother, it is my prayer that you feel the love for black mothers that seep through these pages. So much so, that it inspires you to encourage and respect the black women in your life.

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